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Personalized Children’s Canvases

Hello Kitty Theme

Hello Kitty Theme

Personalized Children’s Canvases…. for me, they’re the next best thing to painting a mural in a baby nursery or child’s room.  While I usually jump at the chance to paint wall murals, it’s just not always practical.  Sometimes the location makes it impossible.  Other times, the family knows there’s a good chance they’ll be moving in the near future, and they just can’t take the mural with them.  That’s when I suggest hand-painted canvases that can be done in any theme and then personalized with the child’s name or initials.  

Here’s some I did recently for a baby boy that not only went with the color scheme of his crib set, they incorporated his Daddy’s favorite sports teams:  The Sacramento Kings, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Atlanta Braves.  I just hope he grows up to like the same teams! 

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