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Accent Cabinet Makeover

Accent Cabinet Makeover

I had more than a few doubts when I took on this Accent Cabinet Makeover.  But now that it’s been structurally reinforced, re-painted, and dolled up, I have to admit, it turned out better than I expected.  This poor cabinet was pretty much on its last leg when a friend brought it to me and asked me to -quote- “see what I could do with it.”  I thought it was cute, but it was in really, REALLY bad shape.  Just see for yourself what it looked like before: Continue Reading →


Kitchen Makeover (Part 4)

photo 2 copy 4

I had entirely too much fun with this Kitchen Makeover!  It’s impossible not to when you love who you’re working with.  These homeowners not only have a young, hip sense of style…they are some of the sweetest people I know; devoted teachers (one of them was even voted Teacher of the Year last school year!), and foster parents, whose whole reason for the makeover was to accommodate foster children in their home.  Just knowing I could help with that, even in a small way, warms my heart.  

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Kitchen Makeover (Part 3)

kitchen 14

Primed and ready to go… When you last checked in on this Kitchen Makeover, the chalkboard paint was up and I was preparing the cabinets for painting.  All the doors and drawers were sanded and primed, as were the cabinet fronts themselves.  I loved the idea of a Robbin’s Egg blue for the cabinets, but the homeowner, who was already missing her bold green wall, wanted her favorite color back in.  So I suggested a more toned down shade of green; one that I knew would still suit her artsy and fun style, but work with the design of the kitchen.

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Kitchen Makeover (Part 2)

If you read my last post, you’re probably dying to find out what the homeowners decided to do for their budget friendly Kitchen Makeover.  Okay… so maybe it’s really just ME who is dying with excitement.  But that’s because they agreed to have their kitchen cabinets painted, and turn the entire back wall into a giant chalkboard!!!  I was really, REALLY hoping they would like that idea as much as I did.  

kitchen 2

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Kitchen Makeover (Part 1)

If money wasn’t an object, we could all remodel and have fabulous kitchens… But a fabulous Kitchen Makeover with little to no money…now that…THAT takes some imagination.  Maybe that’s why I was thrilled when a friend asked if I could swing by and give her some ideas for her kitchen.  This is what I found when I got there:


I’ll give you a few seconds to lift your jaw off the floor before I go on…

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets


One of the most challenging projects I’ve ever taken on is painting kitchen cabinets.  If you’re one of those people who can’t stand their kitchen, but can’t afford to reface their existing cabinets, let alone buy new ones, then painting them is definitely something to consider.  I know there are people who frown on the idea, but you really can change the look of your kitchen dramatically without spending a fortune.  Just be prepared to invest a lot of time.

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