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Crafty Christmas

Crafty ChristmasHave yourself a very Crafty Christmas!  I certainly am.  For the last couple of months I’ve been up to my eyeballs in building and painting decorations for a candy-themed Christmas party.  (Which explains why I haven’t posted any blogs in a while.)  Now that I’m finally finished, I’m free to move on to other projects, and more importantly, my husband is free to park in the garage again.  Just take a look at how all my Christmas craftiness took over: Continue Reading →


DIY Wedding Decor


This DIY Wedding Decor was made for a shabby chic garden wedding.  It adds a uniquely elegant flare, without breaking the bank.  All it takes is thrift store frames, some scrap wood, and paint.  (Although, in this case, thanks to a friend of mine who has a Cricut cutter, I used vinyl letters instead of hand painting them, making it that much nicer…and easier!)  Here’s a quick tutorial:   

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Train Station (Train Murals – Part 2)

train station mural

To me, it just screamed “Train Station.” As I toured the church building for the first time, still under construction, I knew immediately what I could do.  They had already asked me to paint a train in the Kid’s Ministry area and call it “The Grace Express,” but the thing that first struck me was the wall of brick…and the fact it was leading up to a wall with a hole for a window.  Knowing this is where parents would be checking in their kids on Sunday mornings, it was the ideal location for a train station.  Named after the church, we’re calling it “New Foundation Station.” Continue Reading →


Creative Classrooms

R370It’s Back-to-school time, and you’ve really gotta hand it to teachers who go the extra mile to set up creative classrooms with colorful bulletin boards and all kinds of artwork.  Using the most basic of supplies — usually just colored paper, scissors and a stapler — their efforts welcome and inspire students who will be spending much of their foreseeable future staring at those walls. 

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I Give You Props


In this blog, I give you props! No, really.  I’m talking the kind of props that can be used for theater, for photo shoots, for party backdrops, you name it.  Whenever someone needs some kind of prop, I jump at the opportunity to build it.  After all, it’s not everyday you get to create something fake!  The more challenging, the better.  Take this manger scene, for instance. It was created for a living nativity at my church. The challenge was to not only make it look old, but to make it light and portable, while still being sturdy and safe.

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