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Train-Theme Murals

train-theme murals

Pack your bags and get ready for some Train-theme Murals, as well as a trip down memory lane.  It was four years ago that I had the unique opportunity of painting a series of murals in the Kids Ministry Center at my church.  They wanted murals that would make children feel like they were going on a journey aboard the “Grace Express.”  Given carte blanche to paint whatever I wanted, they ended up with trains in every classroom, an entry way turned into a train station, and even train tracks on the concrete floors!  The only thing I didn’t do was paint Train-theme Murals in the children’s restrooms.  That is…until now.  Continue Reading →


Jewelry Display Stand

Jewelry Display Stand

This Jewelry Display Stand may motivate you to dust off your old jewelry box and finally do something about those unused pieces of jewelry.  And, I’m not saying that because of how darling this louvered door now showcases jewelry, and how the hand-painted embellishments add a little sweetness.  I say that because of what the name “ReJeweled” is all about.

A dear friend of mine launched ~ReJeweled~ five and a half years ago as a ministry; taking donated broken pieces of jewelry and reworking them into something altogether different and beautiful.  She gives much of it away to widows, single moms, and women who need their spirits lifted.  “It’s beauty for ashes,” my friend Christina likes to say, “a reminder of how God takes our brokenness and redeems us.” So when she asked me if I could spruce up her louvered door that she uses to display her re-imagined jewelry, I was honored. Continue Reading →


Paint Fragrance Additives

Ever wonder if those Paint Fragrance Additives you see at the hardware store actually work?  Do they really mask the smell of paint fumes and make your home smell like clean linen, lavender or french vanilla? I decided to give them a try.  I’ll tell you if they live up to the hype and if they’re worth mixing into the next can of paint you open, in this video tutorial.

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Wedding Signs

wedding signs

Love is in the air, and these Wedding Signs are proof!  They’re my small contribution to one of my favorite couple’s Big Day.  Their wedding is one I’ll most certainly remember for the rest of my life, and not because of the gorgeous aesthetic, but for the way they put God at the center of it all.  It was overwhelming, and meaningful, and…. I could go on and on about it.  But I know this blog is about the Wedding Signs, so read on, see lots more pictures, and get inspired.  There’s no reason you can’t make some personalized signs for an upcoming event! Continue Reading →


Galentine’s Party


Regardless of whether you have a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, a Galentine’s Party is a sweet way to tell your favorite gal pals how much they mean to you.  Get it?  GAL-entine’s?  (That’s for those of you who thought it was a typo.)  Galentine’s was the brainchild of Amy Poehler’s character in the TV show, Parks & Recreation.  And thanks to her, I now have the perfect excuse to go over-the-top girly.  I’m talking pink napkins rolled up to look like roses, fru-fru desserts, and strawberry mimosas!  So file this under the category of “Musings” by Marcy, as I share some photos of my Galentine’s soirée.  Hope you’re inspired to get creative and have some alternative Valentine’s Day fun. Continue Reading →


“Kitschy Cactus” – How to paint an old concrete statue

img_6539Of all the things I’ve been asked to paint, this “Kitschy Cactus” is, by far, the most unusual…but from it, you can learn How to paint an old concrete statue.  My friend has had it for 20 years, though it had been in her family much longer.   She inherited it when her great-grandmother passed away at the age of 101!  While it has served as a cherished reminder of her loved one, my friend had a new vision for it.  So she asked me if I could repaint it and, somehow, incorporate her love for the Arizona Cardinals.  Being that I’ve never been asked to paint a cactus before, how could I refuse?  The result is a one-of-a-kind, Kitschy Cactus that suits my friend’s quirky personality, while honoring her ancestry.  Continue Reading →


Mason Jar Motif

Mason Jar MotifMy kitchen is now sporting a Mason Jar Motif.   It’s what happens when I spend a little too much time on Pinterest. It’s like crack for creative people.  One minute you’re looking at beautiful pictures online… the next you’re driving through dark alleyways in search of weathered wood, and you’re buying mason jars by the case.  But just look what I have to show for it!  Continue Reading →


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