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Fall 2020 Decor

fall 2020 decor

Here, in Arizona, we like to joke about having only two seasons:  Hot and Hotter!  The last couple of months of “Hotter” were particularly brutal.  So, you’ll have to excuse me for putting up my Fall 2020 Decor early.  With things so off-kilter this year, the moment the temperature dipped below 100º, I guess I got excited.   That said, I may have gotten a little carried away with all the pumpkins… especially those I painted masks on!  But I figured you can still draw inspiration from it all, and I’m even including a fun Time-Lapse video that’ll show you how to paint pumpkins. Continue Reading →


Thrift Store Furniture Makeover with Beyond Paint


I’m usually pretty good about starting and finishing projects in a timely manner.  But for some reason, this cute little dresser that my mom found for me at a thrift store has sat neglected in my garage for years.  I thought it was so unique with all it’s intricate detail, but I just didn’t know what to do with it. It wasn’t until I was contacted by Beyond Paint, that I decided to tackle this Thrift Store Furniture Makeover with Beyond Paint. Continue Reading →


Music Room Makeover

This Music Room Makeover is hitting all the right notes.  It’s bold.  It’s brassy.  And it’s just a tiny bit mid-century modern inspired.  Now that I’m loving it, I keep asking myself, “Why did it take so long to re-do it?”  Then I remember.  The answer can be summed up simply in the “Before” picture: Continue Reading →


Paint Fragrance Additives

Ever wonder if those Paint Fragrance Additives you see at the hardware store actually work?  Do they really mask the smell of paint fumes and make your home smell like clean linen, lavender or french vanilla? I decided to give them a try.  I’ll tell you if they live up to the hype and if they’re worth mixing into the next can of paint you open, in this video tutorial.

Continue Reading →


Castle Mural

I feel like the queen of the Castle Mural.  If there’s one thing I’ve painted more than anything else through the years, it would have to be castles.  I’m not at all complaining, either.  I happen to love them.  Real or not, castles are magical.  They inspire the imagination.  So, naturally, castle murals are a popular choice when it comes to decorating children’s rooms.  Recently I was asked to paint a Castle Mural in a baby nursery, and I thought it was the perfect project to record on video.  Continue Reading →


Vintage Trunk Turned Treasure

This Vintage Trunk Turned Treasure is the ultimate in repurposing.  As do so many of my projects, it began with a trip to the thrift store…and this time, it ends with a one-of-a-kind coffee table.   Best of all, other thrift store finds were used to complete the project!  Legs were taken off a used night stand, and a leather belt was cut up and used to repair the worn out handles.  Check out my latest video tutorial, “Vintage Trunk Turned Treasure,” and get inspired to take on a DIY repurposing project of your own. Then check out my Living Room Makeover, and see how I saved money there.

Vintage trunk




Living Room Makeover with Wood Accent Wall

This Living Room Makeover with Wood Accent Wall was born out of sheer desperation. I was so desperate for a change, I cleared out the furniture, the drapes, and the decorations without any warning…and I sold it all in a giant garage sale! With nowhere to sit, my poor husband had no choice but dive into this Living Room Makeover with me. The result is a fun, eclectic living room, with thee coolest Wood Accent Wall, and you get to see it all come together in this video tutorial. Continue Reading →


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