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Too Cool For School Lockers

These Too Cool For School Lockers may be super cute now, but when I first got my hands on them, they were a hot mess.  See how I whipped them back into shape and gave them a fun, multi-colored paint job in this Murals by Marcy video tutorial.


In case you’re wondering, I used Valspar Signature Paint with primer in it.  Colors are Everglade Deck (the darker blue used on the body of the lockers),  Boughs of Pine (the green color), and Gypsy Rouge (the purple color).  I added white to the Everglade Deck to get the lighter shade of blue for the doors. 



I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad (Train Murals – Part 1)

When I was a kid, I remember singing, “I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad…all the live long day.”  I hadn’t thought about that song in years!  Until recently, when I really was working on a railroad for days on end, as I painted Train Murals for my church’s Kid’s Ministry.  After years of worshiping in a school gym, we’ve moved into our own building, and I was asked if I could paint a mural or two to make the children feel as if they’re going on a journey aboard “The Grace Express.”  Well, fire up the locomotive and say no more!  I spent six and a half weeks getting completely carried away with trains, a train station, railroad tracks on the floors, props, etc.  There’s so much, I decided to take you on a video tour before breaking it down into individual blog entries.  All aboard!

After seeing this video, be sure to see how these train murals came together, beginning with the Train Station.


How to Paint a Piano


Ever thought about painting a piano, but the thought was just too overwhelming?  In this video tutorial, I walk you through the process step by step.  It’ll get you “keyed up” and ready to turn your piano into something you love!


Chevron Craft Room Update


Remember the chevron pattern I recently painted in a craft room?  I promised to bring you updated photos once the furniture and other things were back in place.  Well, now I can deliver.  I went back to check out the finished room, and it’s such a fun place now, I just want to move in and start crafting!

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Furniture Flip


An old, beat up dresser gets a major makeover in this furniture flip.  This video tutorial will show you how it was done, and give you an idea of what you can expect to spend in both time and money to take on a similar project.

See it go from THIS:





How to paint Holiday Plaques

Looking for a fun and easy holiday craft, either to give as a gift or keep for yourself?  This video tutorial will show you how to paint a decorative holiday plaque.  You don’t need to be very artistic.  Anyone can do it, if you just follow these easy steps.



Vanity Redo Tutorial

Before this old vanity can get a new paint job, it needs a new piece of wood veneer.  I’ll walk you through the transformation in this video tutorial:



How to Paint a Chevron Pattern

This video tutorial will show you, step by step, how to paint a chevron pattern on an accent wall.  You’ll need a little Math, a good level, lots of painter’s tape, and plenty of patience!



Check out the completed craft room here:

Chevron Craft Room Update


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