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Is White the New Orange?

We don’t really get the four seasons where I live in Arizona, so every year at this time, I pull out my huge bin of “Fake Fall” decorations – the contents of which make me so happy. In it are plastic pumpkins, ceramic pumpkins, and paper mâché pumpkins. Then there’s leaf garlands, burlap, and sunflowers. This year, however, when I put them all up, something about my fall decor didn’t feel right. And it came down to one question. Is White the New Orange?

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Fall 2020 Decor

fall 2020 decor

Here, in Arizona, we like to joke about having only two seasons:  Hot and Hotter!  The last couple of months of “Hotter” were particularly brutal.  So, you’ll have to excuse me for putting up my Fall 2020 Decor early.  With things so off-kilter this year, the moment the temperature dipped below 100º, I guess I got excited.   That said, I may have gotten a little carried away with all the pumpkins… especially those I painted masks on!  But I figured you can still draw inspiration from it all, and I’m even including a fun Time-Lapse video that’ll show you how to paint pumpkins. Continue Reading →


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