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Fall 2020 Decor

fall 2020 decor

Here, in Arizona, we like to joke about having only two seasons:  Hot and Hotter!  The last couple of months of “Hotter” were particularly brutal.  So, you’ll have to excuse me for putting up my Fall 2020 Decor early.  With things so off-kilter this year, the moment the temperature dipped below 100º, I guess I got excited.   That said, I may have gotten a little carried away with all the pumpkins… especially those I painted masks on!  But I figured you can still draw inspiration from it all, and I’m even including a fun Time-Lapse video that’ll show you how to paint pumpkins. Continue Reading →


Simple Fall Touches

Simple Fall Touches

I love Fall.  I didn’t always.  But now that I live in Arizona, where the weather is glorious this time of year, I absolutely love it.  And so, I tend to get a little carried away when it comes to Fall decorating.  In my opinion, you can never have too many pumpkins or fake leaves.  Don’t judge.  The leaves don’t really turn here.  So, if we want to see those gorgeous yellow, orange, and brown hues, we have to embrace the fake.

After adding some Simple Fall Touches to my kitchen, I thought I’d share a few pictures so you can see how easy it is to make your home feel warm, inviting, and seasonally festive.  As a bonus, I’ll throw in the world’s simplest recipe for pumpkin muffins with a brown sugar streusel top.  They’ll make your home even smell like Fall! Continue Reading →


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