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Thrift Store Furniture Flip

thrift store furniture flip
There’s nothing like a fun Thrift Store Furniture Flip…and to me, this cheap little side table just screamed “Guitar Pick” from the moment I saw it. My daughter is actually the one who bought it at Goodwill for just $6.  She shares my love for redoing beat up old wood furniture.  The only problem was, this table…while having wooden legs, was topped with cheap veneer.  And it was in really bad shape, to boot! Continue Reading →


Thrift Store Furniture Makeover with Beyond Paint


I’m usually pretty good about starting and finishing projects in a timely manner.  But for some reason, this cute little dresser that my mom found for me at a thrift store has sat neglected in my garage for years.  I thought it was so unique with all it’s intricate detail, but I just didn’t know what to do with it. It wasn’t until I was contacted by Beyond Paint, that I decided to tackle this Thrift Store Furniture Makeover with Beyond Paint. Continue Reading →


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