Valentine’s alternative

Galentine’s Party


Regardless of whether you have a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, a Galentine’s Party is a sweet way to tell your favorite gal pals how much they mean to you.  Get it?  GAL-entine’s?  (That’s for those of you who thought it was a typo.)  Galentine’s was the brainchild of Amy Poehler’s character in the TV show, Parks & Recreation.  And thanks to her, I now have the perfect excuse to go over-the-top girly.  I’m talking pink napkins rolled up to look like roses, fru-fru desserts, and strawberry mimosas!  So file this under the category of “Musings” by Marcy, as I share some photos of my Galentine’s soirée.  Hope you’re inspired to get creative and have some alternative Valentine’s Day fun. Continue reading

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