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Chevron Craft Room Update


Remember the chevron pattern I recently painted in a craft room?  I promised to bring you updated photos once the furniture and other things were back in place.  Well, now I can deliver.  I went back to check out the finished room, and it’s such a fun place now, I just want to move in and start crafting!



I can’t take credit for how great this room turned out.  It really is the creative genious of my friend, and fellow blogger of “32 Turns.”  Her craftiness is evident everywhere you turn.  (Pun totally intended!)  I won’t give away too many of her ideas, so you can follow her blog yourself at

Instead, I’ll focus on the things I did contribute:  There’s the accent wall, of course.  


There’s a small coordinating canvas to help repeat the chevron pattern elsewhere in the room.  


And I painted a pink flourish design on her sewing desk using the leftover paint from the wall.



If you missed my video tutorial showing you exactly how to paint a chevron pattern on an accent wall, just click on the link below.



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  1. britany July 16, 2013 at 5:33 pm #

    It looks amazing, I am working away in it right now, my favorite room! Thanks so much Marcy for your seriously fabulous contributions to this room. You are one talented lady, not to mention sweet, giving and wonderful. Hugs!!

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