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Christmas Craft

kitchenNeed a quick Christmas Craft to spruce up your kitchen? Try dressing up your cabinets.  All you need is some cheerful ribbon, enough small ornaments to adorn each cabinet door, and hot glue. 


I actually wanted to use small Christmas wreaths, but when I couldn’t find the right size, I opted for these tree ornaments, wrapped in twine and embellished with pine cones and bells.  (I got them at Michael’s on Black Friday for about a dollar each.)  Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s lightweight and can lay flat against your cabinet door.  You definitely don’t want anything that will clang each time you open and close those doors.  I also picked up some festive, candy cane-inspired ribbon, figuring the pop of red would stand out against my white cabinets.img_3101



All I did was wrap the ribbon around the tree top, I set it in place with a little hot glue, and cut the ribbon to size. When I had them all ready to go, I just used a strip of white tape and affixed each ribbon to the inside of the cabinet door.  You can use a Command Strip hook, a tiny nail, or a tack.  I just opted for the tape because my ornaments weigh next to nothing, and the tape will not damage my cabinet doors in any way.


In a matter of minutes, this DIY Christmas Craft project made my kitchen festive and ready for the holidays.


Here’s a few other pictures that may inspire you:










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