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From Trash to Treasure

12286107_10206174003483629_167240463_nThis antique piece of furniture, literally, went From Trash to Treasure, and I am absolutely in love with how it turned out.  It was a project taken on by Jennifer Tasso, who is one of my blog followers in Syracuse, New York.  It is with her permission that I share the photo, and her DIY success story.  Can you believe, she found it on the side of the road!?!

It was a bit banged up, (not to mention, NAVY BLUE) when Jennifer found it.  Fortunately, she saw the potential.  She took it home where she successfully stripped it, sanded it, repaired the nicks and scratches, and painted it an antique white.  (The lighter color was an excellent choice because it really brings out the detail.)  Then, using wallpaper samples, she covered the drawer faces and top in a beautiful floral print.  Some new glass knobs were added, and what once was garbage…became a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture!

Don’t you just love when there’s a story behind something in your home?!  I think that’s what’s most appealing about this piece that went From Trash to Treasure.  It was found ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD somewhere in Jordan, New York!!! (Jennifer tells me she is a school bus driver, and while I’m pretty sure she wasn’t driving a big yellow bus when she saw it and hit the brakes, wouldn’t that make for an even better story!?!)

If you have a project you’ve taken on, and you’d like to share it, please feel free to message me and send pictures.  I love when we DIYers can draw inspiration from one another.

Jennifer Tasso, you really knocked it out of the park!  I posted this next picture a while back, but it has your name written all over it!



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  1. Sally V, Quevedo December 1, 2015 at 8:36 pm #

    A little TLC & shazaam! Love it!

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