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Paint Fragrance Additives

Ever wonder if those Paint Fragrance Additives you see at the hardware store actually work?  Do they really mask the smell of paint fumes and make your home smell like clean linen, lavender or french vanilla? I decided to give them a try.  I’ll tell you if they live up to the hype and if they’re worth mixing into the next can of paint you open, in this video tutorial.

I haven’t tried this, myself, but you can put up to a tablespoon of vanilla extract into a gallon of paint to eliminate the smell of paint fumes.  What I tried, though, is one of the Paint Fragrance Additives by Glade.  They come in all different scents.  I chose “crisp waters” and it was glorious!

Paint Fragrance AdditivesThere’s really not much to it.  All you do is pour the entire contents into a full can of paint, stir until completely mixed, and get painting!  It won’t affect the look of the paint when it goes on the wall, but you will absolutely love the smell.  I enjoyed it the entire time I was painting.  Unfortunately, it just didn’t last long enough, even though the packaging says the aroma will last up to several months.  In my case, I painted my living room and kitchen, and still, the beautiful fragrance was gone within a few days.  So think of it as a wonderful way to eliminate paint fumes, and not necessarily a long-term way to make your house smell great.

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