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Personalized Children’s Canvases

Hello Kitty Theme

Hello Kitty Theme

Personalized Children’s Canvases…. for me, they’re the next best thing to painting a mural in a baby nursery or child’s room.  While I usually jump at the chance to paint wall murals, it’s just not always practical.  Sometimes the location makes it impossible.  Other times, the family knows there’s a good chance they’ll be moving in the near future, and they just can’t take the mural with them.  That’s when I suggest hand-painted canvases that can be done in any theme and then personalized with the child’s name or initials.  

Here’s some I did recently for a baby boy that not only went with the color scheme of his crib set, they incorporated his Daddy’s favorite sports teams:  The Sacramento Kings, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Atlanta Braves.  I just hope he grows up to like the same teams! 

Sports Theme with baby's initials and Daddy's favorite teams

Sports Theme with baby’s initials and Daddy’s favorite teams





Personalized children’s canvases also make excellent baby shower gifts.  Once Mommy and Daddy know the sex of the baby, they start going over names and they set up baby shower registries.  So all you have to do is put two and two together.  Find out the name of the baby and then look up the baby registry online to find the crib bedding and accessories they’re going with.  That’s how I was able to paint these next canvases.  I just worked off photos I found on the internet and was able to surprise mom with artwork that not only coordinated with the baby nursery, but showed extra thoughtfulness because of the personalization.


Crib set photo off internet

Pink Monkey & friends

Pink Monkey & friends with Baby’s Initials


Crib set photo off of internet


Taupe Jungle Animals

Taupe Jungle Animals with Baby’s Name

Owl crib set photo off the internet



In this case, no sooner had I painted enough canvases to spell the name Julianna (that’s EIGHT canvases), when the mom decided she was going to spell it with just one “n” instead.  YIKES!!!  Fortunately, my paints were still out and moving a blue porcupine a little more to the right wasn’t too prickly a job.


*To see my prices for personalized children’s canvases and plaques, go back to the home page and click on Murals by Marcy Prices.


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