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Poolside Towel Rack

towel rack

I love when a trip to the thrift store pays off!  And, it sure did a few days ago, when I hit the local Goodwill store in search of something I could use to hang towels on when we’re out by the pool.  Low and behold, an old quilt stand proved to be the perfect find.  It became a Poolside Towel Rack with very little work, and at very little cost.IMG_4700

It was just $6.99, and was in fairly decent shape.  I just tightened the knobs up a bit, and it became less jiggly.  It wasn’t perfect, but I knew it would definitely serve it’s purpose.


Once home, I sanded it very lightly, and then hit it with a turquoise-colored spray paint.  I chose Valspar’s Project Perfect paint + primer, and I went with a glossy finish because, even though it says it’s good for “outdoor use,” the higher the sheen, the better it can handle getting wet.



I was glad it was a fast-drying paint because I could hardly wait to put my new Poolside Towel Rack to use.  I love the color, and how all it’s little knobs give it personality.  It’s also lightweight enough to where I can move it around and place it where ever it is needed.


I didn’t have to think so far out of the box with this project, but I did take a small piece of furniture from indoor to outdoor use. It’s a thrift store find with a brand new purpose.  I’m ready to take the plunge with my new Poolside Towel Rack.


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