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Garden Retreat

Garden Retreat

I wish I could say this Garden Retreat is in my own backyard, but it’s not.  It belongs to my sister who lives in Silver City, New Mexico.  This past week, I visited for a couple of days and was able to soak in the scenery while sipping on a glass of iced tea.  It was fantastic, although short lived.  That’s because the rest of the time I was helping my sister gather rocks for a walkway, shovel dirt, and paint what she hopes will be her future “she shed.”  It was hard work making her Garden Retreat picture perfect, but we laughed through the sweat dripping down our foreheads and into our eyes!  So, I hope you enjoy this blog and are inspired by all the pictures I’ll be sharing. Continue Reading →


Paint Concrete to Look Like Slate

Paint Concrete

When you live in Arizona, like I do, the harsh sun can cause extensive damage and fading to anything you leave outdoors.  And, in our case, the backyard concrete that had been stamped to look like slate had become quite an eyesore.  Not only was it discolored, there were permanent rings of water damage caused by the overflow from sprinklers and a drip system to our plants.  It was downright ugly…and it was time for a backyard makeover.  Since my contribution was the painting, I thought I’d share with you How to Paint Concrete to Look Like Slate. Continue Reading →


Front Door Makeover


One thing always seems to lead to another with me, and that was certainly the case with this Front Door Makeover.  Believe it or not, it started when I decided to dust the ceiling fan in my living room.  I pulled out my 8-foot ladder to reach it, and while I was up there wiping the blades I thought, “So long as I have the ladder out, I might as well dust the ledge near the front door.”  I took everything off and was dusting away.  I even took down a fake plant and gave it a good rinse in the bathtub.  But then…when I got back up on the ladder, my front door was staring me right in the face.  I was reminded of how, from the day we moved into this house, I’ve never liked it.  It just screamed 1990’s and was so ready for an update.  So, I stepped off the ladder, got my electric sander, and started going to town on the door while it was still hanging!  It was right about then that my teenage daughter got home from school. Continue Reading →


Painting My Very First House

My first big project:  Painting the house I grew up in.

My first big project: Painting the house I grew up in.

I painted my very first house recently. Yes, Im talking about the exterior of the house…but I’m also talking about thee VERY FIRST HOUSE I ever lived in.  It was built by my Dad, and in it, my two brothers, two sisters, and I were raised. It’s a rental property now. My family hasn’t lived there since the late 80’s. But all my childhood memories are rooted in this home in the southern New Mexico farming town of La Mesa.

Things no longer look the way I remember them. In some cases, it’s a good thing. In others, kind of makes me sad. This is how the house looked when I arrived with all my painting gear. Notice the lovely stucco patchwork and inconspicuous phone & TV dish lines. Seriously, it aggravates me. Who ever installed them made no effort to conceal them. There’s not a darn thing I can do about that, but I can camouflage these unsightly wires as best I can with paint.

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