Wedding Signs

wedding signs

Love is in the air, and these Wedding Signs are proof!  They’re my small contribution to one of my favorite couple’s Big Day.  Their wedding is one I’ll most certainly remember for the rest of my life, and not because of the gorgeous aesthetic, but for the way they put God at the center of it all.  It was overwhelming, and meaningful, and…. I could go on and on about it.  But I know this blog is about the Wedding Signs, so read on, see lots more pictures, and get inspired.  There’s no reason you can’t make some personalized signs for an upcoming event! Continue reading

Nursery Artwork Painted on Wood

nursery artwork

There are few things in life more joyful than the birth of a baby.  So, I was thrilled when I was asked to make something personalized to celebrate such an occasion.  It’s Nursery Artwork Painted on Wood, and in this blog, I’ll show you how it came together.   Continue reading

Paint Concrete to Look Like Slate

Paint Concrete

When you live in Arizona, like I do, the harsh sun can cause extensive damage and fading to anything you leave outdoors.  And, in our case, the backyard concrete that had been stamped to look like slate had become quite an eyesore.  Not only was it discolored, there were permanent rings of water damage caused by the overflow from sprinklers and a drip system to our plants.  It was downright ugly…and it was time for a backyard makeover.  Since my contribution was the painting, I thought I’d share with you How to Paint Concrete to Look Like Slate. Continue reading

Poolside Towel Rack

towel rack

I love when a trip to the thrift store pays off!  And, it sure did a few days ago, when I hit the local Goodwill store in search of something I could use to hang towels on when we’re out by the pool.  Low and behold, an old quilt stand proved to be the perfect find.  It became a Poolside Towel Rack with very little work, and at very little cost. Continue reading

Galentine’s Party


Regardless of whether you have a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, a Galentine’s Party is a sweet way to tell your favorite gal pals how much they mean to you.  Get it?  GAL-entine’s?  (That’s for those of you who thought it was a typo.)  Galentine’s was the brainchild of Amy Poehler’s character in the TV show, Parks & Recreation.  And thanks to her, I now have the perfect excuse to go over-the-top girly.  I’m talking pink napkins rolled up to look like roses, fru-fru desserts, and strawberry mimosas!  So file this under the category of “Musings” by Marcy, as I share some photos of my Galentine’s soirée.  Hope you’re inspired to get creative and have some alternative Valentine’s Day fun. Continue reading

“Kitschy Cactus” – How to paint an old concrete statue

img_6539Of all the things I’ve been asked to paint, this “Kitschy Cactus” is, by far, the most unusual…but from it, you can learn How to paint an old concrete statue.  My friend has had it for 20 years, though it had been in her family much longer.   She inherited it when her great-grandmother passed away at the age of 101!  While it has served as a cherished reminder of her loved one, my friend had a new vision for it.  So she asked me if I could repaint it and, somehow, incorporate her love for the Arizona Cardinals.  Being that I’ve never been asked to paint a cactus before, how could I refuse?  The result is a one-of-a-kind, Kitschy Cactus that suits my friend’s quirky personality, while honoring her ancestry.  Continue reading

Christmas Craft

kitchenNeed a quick Christmas Craft to spruce up your kitchen? Try dressing up your cabinets.  All you need is some cheerful ribbon, enough small ornaments to adorn each cabinet door, and hot glue.  Continue reading

Castle Mural

YouTube Preview Image

I feel like the queen of the Castle Mural.  If there’s one thing I’ve painted more than anything else through the years, it would have to be castles.  I’m not at all complaining, either.  I happen to love them.  Real or not, castles are magical.  They inspire the imagination.  So, naturally, castle murals are a popular choice when it comes to decorating children’s rooms.  Recently I was asked to paint a Castle Mural in a baby nursery, and I thought it was the perfect project to record on video.  Continue reading

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