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Nursery Artwork Painted on Wood

nursery artwork

There are few things in life more joyful than the birth of a baby.  So, I was thrilled when I was asked to make something personalized to celebrate such an occasion.  It’s Nursery Artwork Painted on Wood, and in this blog, I’ll show you how it came together.   Continue reading

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Paint Concrete to Look Like Slate

Paint Concrete

When you live in Arizona, like I do, the harsh sun can cause extensive damage and fading to anything you leave outdoors.  And, in our case, the backyard concrete that had been stamped to look like slate had become quite an eyesore.  Not only was it discolored, there were permanent rings of water damage caused by the overflow from sprinklers and a drip system to our plants.  It was downright ugly…and it was time for a backyard makeover.  Since my contribution was the painting, I thought I’d share with you How to Paint Concrete to Look Like Slate. Continue reading

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Castle Mural

YouTube Preview Image

I feel like the queen of the Castle Mural.  If there’s one thing I’ve painted more than anything else through the years, it would have to be castles.  I’m not at all complaining, either.  I happen to love them.  Real or not, castles are magical.  They inspire the imagination.  So, naturally, castle murals are a popular choice when it comes to decorating children’s rooms.  Recently I was asked to paint a Castle Mural in a baby nursery, and I thought it was the perfect project to record on video.  Continue reading

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7 Tips to Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel

save money on kitchen remodel

If only money was no object, we’d all have the kitchen of our dreams.  Well, guess what?  I got mine anyway, on a pretty tight budget.  And since I learned a few things along the way, I thought I’d share 7 Tips to Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel. Continue reading

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Picket Fence Mural


I love a good challenge almost as much as I love painting…so when I was asked to paint a more than 30-foot long Picket Fence Mural for an eatery called “Burrito Barn,” I jumped at the opportunity.  Little did I know HOW challenging it would be!  It wasn’t just the sheer size that proved difficult…it was painting on a coarse wood surface…trying to maintain a cohesive look when there were breaks in the fence every few inches…and, did I mention, the wind was blowing the fence the entire time!?!  Now that it’s done, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief, take in the scenery, and enjoy a good burrito. Continue reading

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Family Tree Mural


If you have a boring hallway, a Family Tree Mural may be just the thing to breath new life into it.  That was certainly the case in my house.  I recently repainted and moved some things around, and in so doing, was reminded of how my hallway lacked luster.  So, before I tacked my photos back onto the plain wall, I went online, and found the inspiration for this swirly, whimsical tree mural. Continue reading

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Look of Leather Accent Wall

Leather wall

This Look of Leather Accent Wall not only makes a statement, it serves as a sophisticated backdrop for an entertainment center, photos and other artwork.  You would never guess you can achieve this look by using plastic grocery bags!  But that’s exactly what I used.  Don’t ever accuse me of not doing my part to reduce our carbon footprint.  I’m all about recycling and repurposing, when I paint!  And you can be too.  Here’s how I did it: Continue reading

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Paint Concrete Floors (Train-Themed Murals – Part 5)

DSC_0361 copyWe’re staying on track with more Train-Themed Murals, and I mean that quite literally.  In this blog, I’ll show you how to Paint Concrete Floors.  I wish I could take credit for the idea, but it was already done elsewhere.  Once I was shown a picture, I couldn’t wait to paint the concrete floors in my church’s Kids’ Ministry area and see if I could improve on the idea! Continue reading

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