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DIY Wooden Sign | Murals by Marcy

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DIY Wooden Sign


Some projects just seem more meaningful than others…and that was the case with this DIY Wooden Sign celebrating adoption.  It was needed for a planned photo shoot.  And, I must say, when I saw the pictures, my heart positively melted.  Of course, you can make this sign say whatever you want, in the color of your choice.  This tutorial merely shows you what I used to achieve this sort of distressed, rustic look.  IMG_4483

I started with tongue-in-groove wood flooring which you can buy at the hardware store. (I got a packet of 10 for about $12.)  Decide which direction you want the wooden slats to go, and how big you want your sign, and cut the wood accordingly.


Once the pieces were all cut, I painted the wood in two differing shades of beige.  I figured this would help give it even more of an aged look.  But, of course, it’s not necessary.  Any color will do.


Once the paint dried, I took a medium grit sandpaper and sanded all the slats, particularly around the sides.  This helped remove the paint along the edges, giving it that weathered look.


Using the tongues and grooves of the wooden pieces, I then put my sign together. At this point, I didn’t secure them permanently because I knew I might need to take them apart to get my paint brush into some of the grooves.  So, I ended up putting tape across the back to hold it in place temporarily.


Before penciling in my lettering, I played around with how I wanted it to look on my laptop, experimenting with different fonts.  This is the picture that was given to me, when I was first asked to make this DIY Wooden Sign. You can see there wasn’t much to it, but what it said was beautiful.



Once I knew how I wanted it to look, I penciled everything in and started painting.  (Another option for this project is vinyl.  Unfortunately, I don’t own a Cricut, so I went old school.)  I have a fine-tip paint brush that I use for many of my projects, but this time I decided to try some fine-tipped paint pens that I found at Michael’s.  Just so you know, even though it says “fine-tip,” it’s not as fine as you might think.  I ended up using a combination of paint pen and paint brush.  And, as suspected, more than a few times, I had to take apart the wooden slats to get my brush into the grooves.


IMG_4502  IMG_4505

With my sign all painted, it was time to put it together permanently.  I put wood glue inside each one of grooves, then attached it to the corresponding tongue.  I then used some scrap wood and cut two strips that I glued across the back to further secure the whole thing.



I nailed the two strips from the front of the sign, so the nail heads would show.  This added to the look.


For an even more personal touch, I put the child’s name, and date of adoption on a separate slat that is easily hung on to the bottom of the sign.  (For good measure, I painted an extra slat for a future brother or sister.)

IMG_4509  IMG_4524

I love the way this DIY Wooden Sign turned out.  But the real payoff came a couple of days later.  That’s when I received this picture from the photo shoot.  There simply are no words describe this precious family.

Courtesy:  Lizzie Bee Photography

Courtesy: Lizzie Bee Photography


6 Responses to DIY Wooden Sign

  1. Sylvia Sotelo October 30, 2014 at 8:21 pm #

    That turned out so great, and those words truly are special! Another great project Marcy

    • Marcy October 31, 2014 at 3:54 pm #

      Thanks, Sylvia. What’s so touching is how they needed this little boy, as much as this little boy needed them. Their prayers were answered, and now, their family is complete.

  2. Sally V Quevedo October 30, 2014 at 11:19 pm #

    So touching and perfect! What a keepsake!

    • Marcy October 31, 2014 at 4:01 pm #

      Sally, you’re as sentimental as I am. I can’t get over how touching it is either. It brought tears to my eyes! I told the mom this world would be a better place if every child was so wanted and loved.

  3. Jessica Brooks November 6, 2014 at 7:21 am #

    MARCY!!! You know how I feel about this sign….Raiden still just sits and looks at it…”I grew in your heart?” “You did buddy, since you grew in your other mama’s tummy until I could have you.” He cries every time 🙂 He’s SO proud of these pictures and this sign (He’s mad he can’t have it in his room LOL). I love you for a LOT of reasons, but for blessing us w/ this beautiful piece we can forever cherish, I love you even more 🙂 So blessed by you!!

  4. Dinah Bear July 13, 2016 at 8:16 pm #

    Hello , I am wondering if you take commissions on these? We are looking for something pretty much just like this for our adopted daughter as an adoption anniversary gift!

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